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Introduction to communication (Part 1)

1.0 Introduction
Relationship means related, connection or association. Relationship also definition of connection between people, where relationship with family, husband and wife, parents, friend, employee with employer, student and teacher. Relationship will develop through interpersonal communication and also online communication.

2.0 Interpersonal Communication
Interpersonal communication may described as a communication within two people interaction on
face-to-face conversation. Interpersonal communication is two-way communication,where two people will give and get the messages. The messages or informationformed either verbally or nonverbally. The verbal information such as speech or writing and nonverbal information can be showing through facial expression, body movement, eyes contact or voice intonation when interacting. This communication may happen between family, special friendship, friends, teachers, office-mate and others people who are very close with us.

An Interpersonal communication, the interacting happen in a close distance between both individual will develop relationship. The relationship is a long-term relatively associate between two or more people. This associate may be based on emotions like love and liking, hobbies, business or some other of social commitment. A relationship also normally viewed as a connection between two individual, such as a romantic couple, parent-child relationship or close friends.

3.0 Online Communication
Communication also can be formed through the chat group such as forum, MSN Groups, Yahoo Chat Groups, Blogs and Skype. This communication called online communication. Online communication is communication using technologies where the reading, writing and communication occur via computer networked. Online communication allow people to exchange the messages and communication occur anywhere and anytime at any place.

Using the chat group people can make discussion with each others, exchange the information, giving an idea, suggestion and opinion. The chat group also represents a place where the participants can discuss any challenges that they have been facing, raising specific points which they feel it’s need to work on or would simply like to discuss. Discussion may happen with individu who are we know or we just meet. Comfortable and convenient in communication between each other can build the relationship.

4.0 Relationship in a Chat Group
The relationship will develop when using online communication. Relationship can be form in online communication such as friendship, romantic relationship, relationship between teacher and student, and interaction may develop versus same-sex or opposite-sex. Relationship also will be made between international people through online communication.

5.0 Level of Relationship

Throughonline communication will develop the relationship. Type of level relationship are:

Relationship will building between difference of gender, whether between
same sex or different of sex.

5.2 Different of age
Online communication using by various type range of age. The relationship may happen within same level of age or different level of age.

Type of friends
In online communication we can find different type of friends, such as close friends, middle close friends and hit and run friends.

6.0 The Challenges and Hindrances
The internet is often used for communication. From that, it is can building relationship with each other, also may used for developing friendship and romantic interest. Therefore, we may facing the challenges and hindrances during developing or expanding relationship in online communication. and expanding are :

6.1 The Challenges
The challenges facing during developing relationship in online communication are :

6.1.1 Honesty / Integrity
Communications often occur between unknown individual who don’t know each other very well. Sometimes people lies about their status, age, name and others about their personel life. Beside that, people also using online communication like e-mail or chat room for doing of various kinds of business such us “Skim Cepat Kaya” and sales the product, where it is just for deceive a people and get the money

6.1.2 Miss understanding
Online communication is non-verbal communication. Impact of that, sometimes the messages will be sent maybe make the receiver confused and miss understanding.

6.1.3 Range of age
Internet using by various gender and all range of age like young, middle and late adult groups. Online communication also using by them, unfortunately always happened disguise or not responsibility amongst them. For example, disguised by young adult to be mature adult and chat with mature adult and talk about life of sex. Sometimes his also happens with mature adult, where they talk directly with young adult.

6.2 The indrances
Beside challenges, the hindrances during develop relationship in online communication are :

6.2.1 Cost Impact
When using online communication, of cause we need the computer and internet at home. So that, we need to support the cost of electricity and internet bill and also cost of maintenance every month. Beside that, some people need the money to surf internet in the cyber cafe.

7.0 Differences online communication and offline communication
Differences in interpersonal relationship between online communication and offline communication (such as face-to-face communication):

7.1 Online Communication
· Communication using technologies, communication occur via computer networking.
· Distance communication.
· Non verbal communication, information showing through reading and writing.
· Interaction or communication may happen with 2 or more people.
· Communication happen with individual who are we know or we just met.
· Share their thought and feelings, and engage in activities together.
· Communication can occur anytime and anytime at any place.
· The answer may can get fast or delay.

7.2 Offline Communication (face-to-face communication)
· Communication or interacting happens in a close distance.
· Face-to-face interaction with two people.
· Interaction or communication may happen with 2 or more people.
· Both side give and receive information.
· The response and answer usually can get fast.
· Non-verbal communication, information showing through facial expression, body language and voice intonation.
· Verbal communication, face-to-face interaction.
· Normally communication occurs between individual who are close with us like parents and friendship.

8.0 Steps Taken to Avoid Conflict
Conflict between people is a bad thing in a life. Conflict occurs at all level of interaction; at work, among friends, within families and between relationship partners. When conflict, the relationship may be weakened or strengthened. Because of that, we need to avoid or deny the existence of conflict. There are many ways that we need to be taken to avoid conflicts in interpersonal communication:

8.1 Respects with each other
In interpersonal communication respect behaviour is very important. Respected include either young people with old people or on the other hand, employee with their manager and also respected with their parent and friends. If you want to always have good relationships and many
friends, you have to learn to respect everyone for what they are, without criticizing them according to your points of view.

8.2 Be honest and avoid blame.
In relationship needed always be honest and sincere, and live become peacefully and having real friends really like you. Avoid to blame or judgement character of the person. You always receive in life the same as you give out. If you are sincere, you’ll attract sincere friends, but if you are a liar, all your friends will be snakes.

8.3 Be nice with dislike people
Be nice even with people you dislike or that are rude to you, because your behavior should never depend on other people’s behavior. You should always be gentle, respect everyone, no matter how insignificant their social position may be, and no matter how much you may want to take advantage of their weakness.

8.4 Forgive and understanding
If you want to have good relationships with everyone you have to be a diplomat, but without being the type that agrees with everyone only in order to keep a false peace. You have to be understanding of everyone, forgive everyone’s mistakes and defects and always be the type of person that nobody is afraid of. This way, you’ll learn everything about everyone. If you always forgive and understand everyone, people won’t be afraid to tell you the truth.

8.5 Admitted and correctly your fault.
If you have problems in your relationships, the first thing you must admit your fault, don’t provoking them. If wrongly not coming from you, you have to reminding them of something unpleasant by nicely. Sometimes there are also many things wrong with the others, but you cannot correct their behavior. You can only correct yours, and this is what you are going to do.

9.0 Conclusion
Interpersonal Relationship between online communication and offline communication (face-to-face communication) are important in socialization life. Beside that, through communication people will improving or exchange their knowledge and experiences. Nevertheless, we need to avoid conflict by mean to be a honestly, respect with friend each other and understanding to get a good relationship also get a good friends.


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